Welcome to Mother Tongue Voices

We are highly experienced in providing both foreign voices and foreign-accent voices, specializing in creative production for TV commercials, narratives, radio advertisements, jingles, trailers, on-hold messaging, e-learning, audio books, corporate films and events, multimedia, web, video games, podcasts and DVDs.

Our project managers are all multilingual and have the necessary experience to make sure that the recording process runs smoothly within your timeframe and budget. We will prepare the script for translation, get it approved by the client, cast and book the voices, work out usage fees, negotiate with the voiceover artist for a favourable deal, handle any last-minute changes from the client – and even make a longer translation fit the script.

We’ve got an incredibly large choice of foreign-language voiceover artists, with fresh new talent added every day. We also have three foreign-language sound engineers.

If you prefer to record in-market, we also have a network of local voices and studios all around the world.